Elixure drives Chinese consumers to your business.

What Does Elixure Do?

Elixure helps American businesses profit from the strengthening Chinese economy. As Chinese investment and tourism increase in the U.S., so does the need for providing marketing that is targeted at the Chinese consumer. Elixure provides everything U.S. businesses need to establish a prominent digital presence in China and invite the Chinese tourist or businessperson to their establishment.



Gain brand awareness in China

The Great Firewall of China

The “Great Firewall of China” is an internet content filtration system operated by the government of China.

If your site is hosted outside of China, you will run into two main problems:
1. Your website may be completely inaccessible in China
2. Your website can be accessed in China, but extremely slowly

User Behavior

Having only an English version of your website is not enough to reach your potential audience in China.

There are some key differences between internet users in China and their counterparts in the United States:
1. The number one search engine in China is Baidu, not Google
2. Chinese users mainly search for keywords in Chinese, not English

Having an English-only website hosted outside of China will prevent potential Chinese customers from discovering your business.  Our experienced global team will build your localized presence in China, while maintaining your image and core business values.

One Page Website

A one-page entry for your business on our Chinese website, Elixure.cn. With mobile-friendly design, Chinese hosting, and Baidu indexing, you’ll establish your presence in our Chinese Elixure community.


A mobile-friendly site for your business, with your own Chinese domain name, designed in one of our Chinese offices to appeal to the local audience while keeping the look and feel of your brand.


You name it, we do it. If your Chinese web presence needs that extra level of customization, we provide the solution for your needs. When the absolute best is needed, Elixure has you covered.

Chinese Social Networks

Facebook and Twitter don’t exist in China, so it’s important to create profiles on equivalent Chinese social networks, like Weibo and WeChat, to engage with your potential customers.  Elixure navigates these linguistic, cultural and logistical boundaries to interact with potential customers on these popular networks.

Sina Weibo Users
WeChat Users
Tencent/QQ Users

Weibo Account

Weibo can best be described as China’s Twitter. It’s the dominating force in Chinese social media, with most users subscribing to at least eight brands.

WeChat Account

WeChat is what would happen if you combined WhatsApp, Facebook, and Skype, then added a news stream for good measure.

QQ Account

QQ, an older platform similar to Skype, has managed to keep users fairly active with a wide offering of services, attracting nearly all Chinese internet users.



Advertise through social and search engine channels

China Search Engine Market Share in 2013

Baidu Users

Google Users

By optimizing your site for Baidu search results, Elixure can help you reach an audience that has great interest in your brand, but little awareness of its existence.  Then, when users search for Chinese keywords related to your business, your website will be ranked higher in their search results.

Percentage of Chinese consumers who use social media in their travel planning
Estimated number of active social networking users in China

91% of the online population in China has an account on a social media site, as compared to 67% in the USA.  Elixure can create an effective social network marketing strategy that targets users that are interested in your brand.



Increase your profit by increasing your foot traffic

Number of Chinese citizens worth at least $1 million

The message is simple: your business stands to gain significant profit from reaching out to Chinese travelers. Our comprehensive approach to brand awareness assures that Chinese visitors discover you, driving more foot traffic and more revenue to your company. Chinese tourists have money to spend. Make sure it’s spent with you.