Let China Come to You

In 2013, $9.8 billion was spent by Chinese tourists traveling in the U.S.


Let China Come to You

For each trip to the U.S. in 2013, Chinese tourists spent on average $5,422 per person


Let China Come to You

By 2020, the number of outbound Chinese tourists will double to 200 million


The Opportunity

Increase in the number of Chinese tourists since 2000
Dollars spent on international tourism by Chinese citizens
Chinese tourists traveled internationally in 2013

What you can do to reach this market.


Get past the Great Firewall of China and present yourself online to potential customers in their native language.


Promote your business on local search engines and social networks to drive foot traffic to your place of business.


Increase profit by connecting with Chinese consumers looking for your business and by meeting their special needs.

Who Is Elixure

Our founding team was consistently told by wealthy Chinese businesspeople that they simply didn’t know where to go for different services and products while in the US. The number one reason: exclusively English marketing and web presence. Elixure was created to address this growing market gap. With four corporate network offices in the US and five in China, Elixure possesses the necessary breadth, depth of understanding and experience to provide U.S. businesses with exposure to Chinese tourists and businesspeople.